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Chrocheted Rose Arrangement - Showers Of Flowers Yarn ShopMany of you have questioned why a yarn shop would be called Showers of Flowers. Well, this web site proudly displays one of my crocheted rose arrangements. Let's start the yarn shop story with the flowers in mind.

February 18, 1987, I fell and broke my right leg in 3 places, thus landing me in a hip cast and leaving me on my back for 3 months. This actually happened as a result of a prayer. No, I did not pray for the fall, but rather for a gift that I could share with others. A gift that would not be discarded because it was outgrown or outdated. At the time, I was a seamstress by trade. Sewing was my life. I made my husband's suits, shirts, etc., and taught others how to do the same.

One day I caught my husband discarding some of the clothes that I had made due to outdated lapels, fabrics, etc. I was crushed! Those of you who sew must know how I began to feel. I know it is a gift I was given but I felt very empty knowing my time and efforts did not last beyond a few years.

My prayer was to be able to create something unique that would not be discarded like clothing. I had learned a few basic crochet stitches as a child of 9, from my aunt Ethel in Springfield, Ohio. I soon decided it wasn't my favorite hobby and eventually started sewing and loved it. Sometimes God has to send a Mac truck to get our attention. My broken leg was a Mac truck. It certainly got my attention.




Sharon Hayward Sturm
Posing with one of her crocheted
floral arrangements.

Crocheted Flower Arrangement - Showers Of Flowers Yarn ShopAfter a full week of tears, frustration and desperation, I was looking at 3 lovely floral arrangements that friends had sent. How sad I became as they started wilting and dying. After a few days, I asked my husband to get me a crochet hook and some baby yarn. I first created the carnation, then a daisy, and finally a rose. By the time I had recovered enough to move to a walking cast, I had replaced each of the real flowers with crocheted duplicates and gave them back to those who had so lovingly shared them with me.

The rest, as they say, is history. I truly feel this is a "triumph over tragedy" story. My life took a totally different direction. I went on the ultimate search for patterns for crocheted flowers. I felt driven to crochet more of them. I soon realized that I had something quite unique and special.

Over the next few years, I kept designing and crocheting. The patterns came 3 at a time and on a regular basis. I now have over 100 flowers that I have designed and crocheted. I have experienced first hand how they have changed the lives of others, especially when made and given by a mother or grandmother as an heirloom.

Crocheted Flower Arrangement - Showers Of Flowers Yarn ShopCan you imagine having such a creation from one of your ancestors, knowing they will be treasured by generations to come? Over the last 12 years now, I have spent time, money, and lots of energy getting these crochet flowers protected with copyrights and in a crochet kit form for the general public to enjoy and create.

The yarn shop happened along the way. It's been a wonderful trip. Along the way, I met Jackie Briggs. She was a customer in the shop who does it all. She's great at knitting and crocheting, etc. She began volunteering time at the yarn shop and became my best friend and partner. She was also the answer to a prayer. I hope you get to know both of us. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. I hope you found it inspirational and also hope you will come on board with us.



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